Mobile Apps Are Under Threats - Don’t Leave Your Business Open to Hackers


of enterprises have reported mobile breaches with significant negative impact on their reputation

$50 billion

the annual cost of mobile data breaches; for an enterprise direct operational costs and potential loss from non-compliance and reputational damage could reach up to $26.4 million


of the top 100 Android and iOS apps have been hacked. That means 3 out of 4 apps on your mobile phone

> 80%

of mobile apps contain crypto flaws because application security is hard to implement and requires special expertise

> 95%

of popular apps don’t contain professional-grade protection to defend against hacking

> 250 days

the amount of time it could take an enterprise to respond to a ​security incident

By Securing Your App, You Prevent Hackers from Attacking Your Business and Stealing Sensitive Information

If your app contains sensitive data, or has a large user base, then it is of vital importance that you take steps to protect that data. Our application security solutions helps you react to the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape, comply with current and future regulations, and ensure your users have a safe, secure experience.


Point of Sale App

Partnering with TeskaLabs was a very good decision for us. TeskaLabs' security solution makes things easy for both our project and application development teams. They can focus on delivery of the project and developing the application without being burden with the implementation of application security measures.

Radek Žert
O2 IT Services

B2B App

"I enjoyed working with TeskaLabs. The team is knowledgeable, extremely responsive and professional. As someone who's responsible for software development, I feel relieved that someone else has taken care of security, so I don't have to think about it. I am pleased with the delivery and look forward to working with working with you in the future. Thank you! "

Vedran Marinkov

Customer-facing app

"TeskaLabs delivered clear and actionable results on the security audit and provided a high quality of service. The team is knowledgeable of critical and emerging threats, extremely responsive and professional. They understood our business needs but more importantly, helped us align risk management with our commercial strategy. "

Alan Watson
123 Friday

It Only Takes a Moment to Protect Your Mobile Business

1) Security Audit

To give you the visibility of the risk and assess how protected you are, we conduct a thorough security audit to uncover any and all security vulnerabilities of your mobile app.

2) Validation

We only offer what's right for our customers. That’s why we talk with you, review your app’s architecture, look at the code to understand how the app operates, and proceed to the next step only when both parties agree that we're a good fit.

3) Implementation

We implement security measures to harden your app, protect your backend systems and secure your corporate data; effectively preventing app-related threats to your organization.

4) Test and Go-live

We make sure that your app is just as functional as it was before, but with the added benefit of total protection. We’ll ensure that your internal team has all the knowledge and tools necessary to keep your newly secure app working perfectly.

5) Monitoring

Our support doesn’t end there, though. We monitor your app 24/7 via our Security Operation Center, to keep you updated on any attempted cyberattacks, as well as give you a greater insight into how your users make use of your app.

6) Incident Responses

Our security experts are always on hand to provide you with real-time incident responses, so you can quickly react to security incidents and reduce their impact on your business.

What People Are Saying

Michal Ruda
O2 IT Services
It’s been a positive experience working with TeskaLabs. We needed to implement application security into our POS application very quickly, and we operate this service for our customers in a secure way thanks to TeskaLabs.
Marek Beniak
Even though they work for big companies we were able to establish personal cooperation without hassle. Teskalabs guides us through secure and scalable mobile app development. We’re quite sure that without their help, we wouldn’t be able to dodge as many potential problems and threats on the first go.
Michal Pěchouček
I have long been an advocate for modern security protection that evolves with the threat landscape. I am honored to serve on the board and look forward to working with TeskaLabs and its industry partners to continue building advanced security solutions for today’s new and emerging threats.

Don’t leave your data at risk - secure your app today before it gets hacked.

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