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TeskaLabs deliver the kinds of solutions that provide organizations an efficient way to protect their IT infrastructure, reassuring that their business and customer digital assets are safe and secure while unlocking new potential of enterprise mobility and IoT.

Protect corporate data
Protect corporate data
against cyber attacks

Be ironclad against security breaches that attack your bottom line. Maintain high customer confidence, and gain insight into real-time dangers. Actively control mobile access to eliminate mobile security threats.

Frictionless integration
Frictionless integration
with existing infrastructure

TeskaLabs solutions smoothly integrate with any enterprise infrastructure, regardless of domain or platform. And integration takes minutes, not months. It’s that simple.

Scale efficiently
Scale efficiently
to meet business demands

Handle growing of mobile traffic and increasing demands of scale. TeskaLabs solutions scale with your infrastructure with 100% effectiveness, whether you have 10 or 10 million connected devices.

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Cedric Maloux
TeskaLabs offers a unique blend of products and services to keep corporations one step ahead from security breaches. Judging by their growing clients list, they have put together the right approach to online security and more and more companies are noticing.
Michal Pěchouček
I have long been an advocate for modern security protection that evolves with the threat landscape. I am honored to serve on the board and look forward to working with TeskaLabs and its industry partners to continue building advanced security solutions for today’s new and emerging threats.
Max Kelly
We invest in smart, innovative companies that show creative solutions and promising futures. We are excited by TeskaLabs’ vision, approach and its progress toward positioning itself as the leading provider of security solutions for mobile and IoT.

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